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Project: Shudtown

Fight Robots, Explore, and throw stuff in this post apocalyptic VR experience.

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Weapon Types

  • Unique Movement System

  • AI Enemies

  • Resources

  • Weapon Types

    • pistol​

    • stun baton

    • environmental objects

  • Environment interactions

  • Player Vision (highlighting objects of interest)

  • One large playground environment


This was our first time working with virtual reality so our primary goal was to learn what VR was capable of, learn what makes VR fun, and experiment with new forms of movement. We really wanted to make something fun and simple. 


Project: Shutdown was developed over 15 weeks for use on the HTC Vive. In Project: Shutdown you play as one of the last humans living in a world controlled by robot overlords. Your goal is to shutdown the robots main power supply by using your wits and the tools at your disposal. Armed with a pistol, stun baton, and a slew of other other objects, it is your job to sneak into their storage facility and shut them down.


For this game I worked as the programmer for gameplay and User Interfaces. In addition to those roles I also served as the team's project manager. I learned a lot about managing a team through this project as well as working on a project long term. 

Resource Visualization

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