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Text Sequence Editor

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Manager Window

  • set display area

  • allow use of function, name, and image fields

  • controller input progression

  • run time sequence collection

  • text character progression

  • text audio customization


Inspector Window

  • text display

  • player icon customization

  • player name customization

  • audio execution

  • auto text completion

  • text font change

  • text color change

  • pause and wait fields

  • function execution

  • reorderable list elements

Text Editor Window

  • individual sequence selection

  • edit text separate from the sequence

  • apply and revert text changes

  • save and load from external files

  • add and delete lines

Text Sequence Custom Inspector

Text Sequence Manager Custom Inspector


Unity provides a wide range of functionality for users to customize text in their games but fails to provide any tools to take advantage of creating and maintaining text in a readable fashion. That's where the Text Sequence Editor comes in. Using custom inspectors and a Text Editor Window, developers can easily create dialogue, tutorials, subtitles, and much more.

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