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Cyber Ball

A fun party game for you and a your friends to play. play local co-op with 2-4 players

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Cyber Ball is a 2-4 player sports game. Get as many points within the time limit to be crowned the champion.

  • Three maps

  • 2v2 and 1v1

  • 3-4 player free for all

  • Quick dash

  • 4 player Xbox controller support on both platforms


I served as the projects main programmer filling multiple roles but I primarily worked on gameplay controls/mechanics and UI.


Cyber Ball was developed in 5 weeks for the game development course at MSU during the spring 2016 semester. The team consisted of two artists, two programmers, and one designer. This project was awarded the peoples choice award for most fun game at the MSU game development showcase in April of 2016.

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